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About The Project

551 is a music and film collective that brought together over 100 artists to create five music videos for five bands.

In the course of two days, bands Vic and Gab, Volcano Choir, Victor Delorenzo, Grace Weber, and Jon Chi worked alongside a group of local filmmakers and creatives one weekend this past April in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to create the project that is now known as 551.

The belief that camaraderie leads to creativity is a key principle of 551. The project was the focused minds of dozens of filmmakers -- cinematographers, gaffers, grips, actors, directors, and musicians -- working to create for the sake of creating and growing as artists together. The fact that every member of the project donated their time and talent to these five bands fostered a smooth experience and a notably positive and friendly atmosphere - despite the controlled chaos of filming five different music videos with a massive crew among two sound stages at RDI Stages.

In conclusion, this project is about making art with friends, new and old, and helping each other become better at what we all love to do. 551 was an intense labor of love, but these hearts and minds did it because they love it.

"Sometimes you gotta do something not for money, to be with friends and to get better at what you do and what you love," said 551's Creative Director, Andi Woodward. "That's the point of this: bring everyone together to make something awesome.”

551 premieres this Summer online featuring Wisconsin artists:

John Chi Come Gather Round

Victor DeLorenzo Carry Me

Grace Weber Perfect Stranger

Vic and Gab Love of Mine

Volcano Choir Tiderays

"551 is a project that brought over 100 artists together, who donated their time and talent to produce five music videos for five local bands in Milwaukee, WI. This project is about fostering the growth of creativity, education and friendship among creatives. We believe we learn and get better together. That's the meaning of 551."

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  • The Making of


    Love of Mine

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    Perfect Stranger

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    Come Gather Round

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    Carry Me

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